AuctionFrogs was a new web property that focused on moving the silent auction portion of a live fund raising event online. A year after it’s launch, AuctionFrogs had completed only a handful of auctions while beta testing its auction engine. In addition, as a one-person start up, AuctionFrogs struggled with its focus and model as well as its branding and messaging.


Navel Marketing worked with AuctionFrogs to create a cause and unique differentiators that set it apart from both direct and indirect competitors. AuctionFrogs was an idea born from over 12 years of event management experience. AuctionFrogs President, Kristi Saucerman, believed that technology could increase non-profit revenues by growing the bidder pool and lengthening the bidding period. The company focused on creating an online fund raising community that connected charitable organizations, bidders, and donors to support a central cause.

Navel Marketing also helped them create a cause behind “funding great causes”. While charitable organizations often spend significant time on fund raising activities, they really exist to do more good in the world. A plan was developed to deliver educational and consulting services to clients combined with technology to simplify the fund raising experience. The plan also included building a pre-committed donor pool and utilizing Web 2.0 tools to educate around the cause. NavelMarketing updated the AuctionFrogs brand and worked with outside contractors to design and build an entirely new auction engine and website. In addition, Navel Marketing built customized proposals in order to land several major new clients.


Today, AuctionFrogs has not only more than doubled its number of auctions, it has increased the average size of its auctions by adding clients such as the PGA Tour and the Special Olympics. In addition, it is currently building its donor pool with items such as customized wine, which continue to bring in additional charitable organizations. AuctionFrogs has built momentum that will help it grow exponentially into the future.