Fractional Retreats

Fractional Retreats

Fractional Retreats


Fractional Retreats was a new start up that focused on fractionalizing luxury vacation homes to make them more affordable for the average family. After several years in the commercial tenant-in-common industry, Dan Morton decided to apply the same principles to the residential market. As a start-up, the biggest challenge is creating a name in the marketplace and establishing a customer base out of the gate. Fractional Retreats needed the ability to make a name for itself in the industry.


Navel Marketing first worked with Fractional Retreats to help discover its core target audience: 45-55 year old new empty nesters who were looking for ways to spend more time together as a family. Next, Navel Marketing helped Fractional Retreats create a new category for its offering: a Fractional Conversion Management company. This differed from the other offerings in the marketplace by working with real estate agents and sellers to convert existing properties into fractional ownership and then managing them after the sale.

Navel Marketing also built a public relations plan, created new sales tools, and built a new website and brand for Fractional Retreats. In addition, Navel Marketing also help Fractional Retreats create a new revenue model and market its new book: Vacation Home Fractional Conversion.

Finally, Navel Marketing helped Fractional Retreats focus on the cause of Bringing Families Together. On its new website, there is a section called Family Circle that highlights ideas for bringing the family together. In addition, Fractional Retreats is now recording its own podcast series to help real estate professionals and sellers understand the fractional conversion process.


Not only has Fractional Retreats been able to establish a customer base, but it has created a significant presence among industry peers as well. Fractional Retreats’ white papers are distributed nationwide, the new book is in the process of a successful launch, and the company is working with several new and exciting properties.