Thank you for your interest in Navel Marketing. Unlike many other marketing and advertising firms, we won’t give you a long list of everything we can do, but we’ll give you a short list of what we do really well. If you want something that is not on the menu, let us know. We’ll either tell you if it is something we can do or point you to someone who can do a much better job than we can. So, have a look at the menu and your waiter will be with you shortly…

The Innie Strategy Process – The first step in any client engagement starts with strategy. Too many organizations waste time and money with the “shotgun” approach to marketing, where they try anything and everything and wait to see what sticks. Navel Marketing has developed a proven strategy process that identifies what truly makes you unique and who cares most about it. We also develop your Navel Strategy which includes a cause (the basis for your movement marketing), a positioning statement (which identifies what makes you unique and compelling in the marketplace), a cultural mantra (which rallies your employees around a cause), and more. Finally, we identify the marketing plan, which outlines all of the tactics that will be used to target your audience with the key messages we identify. This strategy becomes the anchor for all marketing efforts – the marketing compass.

Social Media Consulting and Management – Many people have heard the buzzwords around social media, such as blogging, web 2.0, social networking, or online communities. While many struggle to understand how to effectively implement these new conversational technologies in their business, Navel Marketing has developed a unique formula that helps you supercharge your word-of-mouth using social media. We start with what you should talk about and who you should talk to and then manage your entire social media presence using our proprietary formula. We don’t just set up a few accounts for you and tell you to have at it. We produce your social media content, monitor and manage your conversations, and interact with your target communities online. Let’s face it, social media takes time, which few companies have in abundance. Instead of allowing consumers to control your brand online without your knowledge, we help you get into the conversation.

Public Relations/Blogger Relations – Public Relations is rapidly changing to adapt to the new realities of social media. Journalists are more frequently looking to the Internet for story ideas and are becoming less receptive to story pitches from PR flaks with a handful of press releases. The PR model has become one of self publishing and engagement. Navel Marketing works with companies to publish their own content and then invite journalists to participate as an audience. We also work with companies to develop a blogger relations program that takes advantage of the growing masses of amateur journalists in order to increase exposure and drive traffic to your website.

Copywriting – How many websites, brochures, or other communications have you seen that leave you wondering what the purpose could be and what the company actually does? Navel Marketing specializes in clear, effective copywriting. We cut through the technical speak, jargon, and meaningless filler text to deliver a powerful message that drives the reader to action. Let us help you cut through the clutter by creating laser-focused messaging.

Website Planning and Design – In today’s Internet era, often the first thing a company thinks of when it decides to market itself is building a website. However, the first place they go is directly to a web programmer without giving thought to how the website will work, what it will say, and what you want the user to do once they get there. As described in a previous blog post, this is like asking for a bid from a building contractor without first designing the blueprint. Navel Marketing specializes designing effective websites that drive your users to action and minimize your bounce rate. We then work with your web programmer (or we can recommend one to you) to build, test, and promote your website.

Search Engine Marketing – With the growing prevalence of the Internet in every aspect of our lives, search engines provide access to the world. We rarely use phone books or call information anymore when the world is at our fingertips. In order to improve your findability online, it is critical to increase your exposure through both paid and organic search placement. Navel Marketing works with you to develop a key word strategy and then optimize your website through META tags, content, and quality links to your site. In addition, we implement paid search campaigns that help you test your keywords and generate instant placement.

Guest Blogging – We at Navel Marketing are experts in creating compelling and entertaining content. As such, we provide guest blogging services that target specific audiences with focused content. Whether you are a company with a blog or an organization looking to start a blog, Navel Marketing can get you started on the right foot with great content.

Sales Process and Channel Design – No marketing plan would be successful without an effective sales and distribution process. Sales and Marketing work hand in hand to provide value to customers both before and after the sale. Navel Marketing works with your sales and marketing management team to map the sales process, identify both direct and indirect sales opportunities, and build the optimal sales channels to promote and distribute your products.