The Visual Media Group



As a photography studio evolved into a new advertising agency, Capital Photography struggled to find an identity in the competitive landscape. They were losing deals to larger agencies and needed some way to stick out from the crowd. They had several unique services and needed some way to bundle them together into an identity.


Navel Marketing worked with Capital Photography team to create a cause and a simple, repeatable message. It was the only agency in town to combine photography, graphic design, video, and web design under one roof. Not only did they have their own design team, they had their own photography studio and the only sound stage in Idaho. Navel Marketing helped them create a new category of agency: The Visual Media Agency. Along with the new category came a new name for the agency: The Visual Media Group. The Visual Media Group combined all the necessary pieces together to convey a company’s message visually, whether it is digital, broadcast, or print.

Navel Marketing also helped them create a cause behind “telling stories through pictures”. A marketing plan was developed to help The Visual Media Group develop a culture of teaching. This includes hosting seminars on telling stories through pictures and utilizing Web 2.0 tools to educate around this cause. This spirit of teaching was also embodied in the new organizational mantra of “Leav[ing] People in Awe”.


Today, The Visual Media Group has been able to successfully establish itself in the marketplace. By carving a niche in visual media, The Visual Media Group is able to not only tell a company’s story visually, but is also able to act as an incredible resource for other agencies. The Visual Media Group’s current list of clients is now the envy of any agency and business continues to grow.