If there is one thing we really enjoy at Navel Marketing, it is hearing ourselves speak. We’re even more excited when we can get other people to listen to us!

We have given presentations and trainings all over the world to groups of all different sizes and disciplines. Whether you are looking for a subject matter expert to come and speak to your management team, customer service team, or marketing department or you are looking for a keynote for your annual association conference, Navel Marketing can deliver expertise and insights in a fun and entertaining way. If you ask nicely, we can even do it in Portuguese!

Topics include:

Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Creating Customer Evangelists
Creating Employee Evangelists
Social Media Marketing
Delivering a World Class Customer Experience
Loyalty Marketing
Public Relations in the New Media World
The Consumer Revolution
Putting a Stake in the Ground (Focus)
Differentiation and Positioning
Measuring Marketing Effectiveness
And more…

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