Blog Neglect

First of all, I have to apologize. I feel like I am at a confessional, “Father, I have sinned. How long has it been since your last confession? 2 weeks!”

For someone who preaches consistency to his clients, I have been a poor example. However, there is a nugget of wisdom in there as well. Many of my clients have complained about the time constraints of blogging. The reality is, however, that it takes 15 simple minutes out of your week. The problem isn’t time, it’s scheduling and prioritization.

Blogging is not only a brain dump, it is cathartic as well. I could give you an excuse like I was out of town for the last 2 weeks or that I started my MBA program, but the reality is that I need to blog as much for me as well as anyone else who reads my rants (hi Mom).

So take it from someone in rehab, don’t neglect your blog. Your audience is waiting!


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