Once you go Mac, you never go back

Those of you who have read my blog posts for a while know that I am a big fan of Apple. Of all the companies out there who deliver on a successful Navel Strategy, Apple is one of the best. From a marketing guy’s perspective, I admire their ability to consistently create passionate and raving fans for their products.

I made the plunge about 2 years ago and got an iPod. I had tried several other MP3 players, but I discovered that Apple just did it better. I had already started using iTunes, so it was a natural integration.

Next, in October of last year I bought an iPhone (yes, after they dropped the price – one of the things that finally pushed me over the edge). I was absolutely blown away by the design, functionality, and most of all – the service.

Well, I have finally stopped dipping my toe in the water and bought a MacBook laptop. Many of you know I have been threatening for a while, but I finally made the plunge.

Lest this blog post turns into a review of the MacBook, I just wanted to simply say that I am again blown away. Apple just does things differently. They think differently – no they think better. It is absolutely amazing how intuitive it is.

However, I don’t think that I am alone in my evolution. I have gone from satisfied customer, to loyal customer, to evangelist. I started with the bite size-chunk (iPod) and moved my way along the product line. Now I must finally admit, I am a raving fan, an evangelist, a Mac freak, or whatever other terminology you feel comfortable.

I also found out I am not alone. I am completing my MBA through Thunderbird School of Global Management right now and they even have a Thundermacs (Mac Addicts) message board specifically for lunatics like me. I have found that they are not the only ones, either. Mac forums are all over the web.

There are few brands that I evangelize, simply because most fail miserably in trying to win my affections. However, both Apple and Google have done it with great products, great cultures, and great customer interaction.


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