Live, from the Watercooler…

The Navel Marketing tribe has moved into new office space in the new Watercooler building in Boise on the corner of 14th and Idaho streets. The Watercooler project has been an effort by the City of Boise, the developer Mark Rivers, and a host of sponsors including HP to create an incubation center for the creative economy.

The Watercooler provides office space, meeting space, and networking opportunities for technology start-ups and those involved in the “creative economy”. You can read more about the project here, here, and here.

We are proud to be a part of the Watercooler project and serve as a service provider tenant with these innovative new companies. If you are in the area, drop on by and we will give you the quarter tour (used to be the nickel tour, but with fuel prices, everything is going up!).


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