How Has Social Media Changed Your Life?

The other day, I was pontificating (as I often do) about how technology has changed our lives. If you think about it, our lives are completely different than there were a mere 5 years ago, not to mention 20 years ago. I remember the days before e-mail, but I can’t remember what it was like in the workplace without e-mail. I remember that cell phones started taking off right when I got my first traveling sales job, which made my life so much easier. Technology has fundamentally changed how we interact, build relationships, and do business.

Naturally, my thoughts migrated to social media and the underlying question, “how has social media changed our lives?” So, I decided to pose the question to my various networks out there on the social web. The answers varied, but were fascinating and very telling. I thought I would share a few with you:

Sarah Lewis of Findable Blogs, a Boise based blogging expert, said: “Social media helps me both professionally (leads & collaboration) and personally (reduces isolation, even as a new mom).”

Mike Diliberto, Sales Engineer at MindTouch and fellow T-Bird, said: “Social media has increased my cognitive breadth; pre-social media, maintaining connections with hundreds of people would be impossible.”

Norris Krueger, founder of Entrepreneurship Northwest and noted social entrepreneurship expert, said: “Getting less done but.. maybe just maybe… getting better things done!”

Martin Johncox, PR Director for Alexander and Associates, said: “It’s opened up new business opportunities in lean times; connected me with long-lost friends; re-connected me with colleagues.”

George Condit, Account Manager at Seybold Scientific and distinguished curmudgeon, said: “I can ask the world a question and get an answer.”

Donna Geisler, principal at FusionSet, said: “Social media makes me feel overwhelmed with opportunity and underwhelmed with time. Otherwise, it’s great!”

Tia Markland, Publisher of Eagle and Meridian Magazines, said “Increased sales and awareness for business.”

However, I would have to say that one of the most personal answers I received was from Chris Barger, who is the Director of Global Communications Technology for General Motors, who wrote me a fascinating and in-depth answer. Here is a snippet from his response: “Social media turned out to be the Acme Rocket Pack strapped to the back of my career, and made my American Dream a reality.”

I would have to say that I have found my experience to be in line with all of these wonderful answers. Social has made life more meaningful for me. It has helped me create deeper relationships, build my network, and has proven to be an invaluable business tool. However, I would have to say my answer most closely aligns with Chris Barger’s. It is because of social media that I have the career I do today.

How has social media changed your life?

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