The Cobbler’s Children Dilemma

I know, it has been a while. Simply put, things got busy. This is a dilemma often referred to as the Cobbler’s Children Syndrome. Whether it is the tax accountant filing his own tax returns late, the web design firm whose own website remains unfinished, or the carpenter whose wife complains that her own cabinets remain half complete, the cobbler’s children often go barefoot.

I am often asked what are some of the challenges of leading the life of a consultant. My initial answer is that you are both the chief salesperson as well as the chief worker bee… and rarely both at the same time. I have gadgets with me at all times blogging, Tweeting, posting, or otherwise representing my clients’ businesses. I put time, energy, and passion into each and every client engagement and have delivered amazing results. However, for a client to truly see me as an expert, my own house must be kept in order.

Just the other day, I was working with one of my clients to evaluate SEO firms. He mentioned that he had been contacted by several and, when he went to go search for them online, they were nowhere to be found. “How can they deliver results for me if they can’t even generate results for themselves?” was his response. That was a wake up call for me…

I do not promise to inundate you ground breaking wisdom at the top of every hour, however, I do commit to share tidbits of insight that can help you grow your business. How many of you other cobblers are with me?


One thought on “The Cobbler’s Children Dilemma

  1. Hi Brian,
    I am another cobbler here. I am with you bro. I loved your article’s concepts. We always face this kind of dilemma. To overcome we need to go through enough experience. That way we can handle our dilemmas.

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