What is Web 3.0?

I have heard this term rolling around for a little bit. At first, I thought it was another guy trying to make a name for himself by coining a phrase (and not a very creative one at that) and then trying to get it to stick. I mean, people are just starting to figure out how to use Web 2.0, but then you heap 3.0 on top of us and we are drowning in a sea of 1s and 0s (OK, let’s not be dramatic here).

The reality is that, although Web 3.0 is still being formulated, one thing is for sure – Web 3.0 will take advantage of artificial intelligence to create a more productive and intuitive user experience. You can read the Wikipedia definition here. Basically, this simply means that Web 3.0 will better understand what you want and need and will automatically serve it up to you. Pretty cool, huh?

There is still a lot of theory behind Web 3.0 and a lot of buzz words being thrown around like semantic web, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, however, we have recently seen actual applications in this space that cause one to think that Web 3.0 may not be far away.

One such company is Certona Corporation. While the company has bee around for a few years, it is finally establishing a customer base with solid results to showcase. The company produces software that turns your eCommerce website into an artificial intelligence engine that will serve up content, product recommendations, or even coupons based on your browsing behavior. Picture a retail sales rep that knows exactly what you will want next and gives you a recommendation for it or even a coupon. Bet you would go back to that store again.

One of their more prominent case studies is with Personal Creations which, according to a press release, it the “top provider of personalized gifts in the United States.” Personal Creations is attributing 20% of its sales revenue to the system created by Certona. That is pretty impressive.

Not to sound like a Certona ad here, there are several other companies popping up now that are taking advantage of Web 3.0 technologies to create highly customized user experiences, beyond anything we have seen before. While Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, Wikipedia, and YouTube have taken ownership of Web 2.0, we have yet to see who will emerge as the reigning champions of Web 3.0. Will it be you?

(**Author’s note – this post was NOT sponsored by Certona. I just thought it was cool)


4 thoughts on “What is Web 3.0?

  1. Great post and you are so right when you speak about the power of what companies like Certona are doing. I’m from Sitebrand and we play in the same personalization space as Certona. And the ability to create that virtual salesperson is what it’s all about – while the web can’t have eyes and ears and body language like the offline world, it does have web analytics and clicks to pay attention to…or lack of clicks which is often the case. Every click is like a question – what’s here, what else do I need to do / to know? etc.
    If you’re jazzed by the impact on conversion and revenue, we’ve got a huge stash of Sitebrand customer success stories at: http://www.sitebrand.com/company/clients/
    Thanks for creating more awareness in our space! And check out our blog at http://www.persuasive-emarketing.com
    Carolyn Gardner, Director of Customer Experience @ Sitebrand

  2. Carolyn,

    Thanks for the great comment and for the links. It appears that Stiebrand is also doing some cool things in regards to customized experiences and behavior targeting. The key is to take the experience from online brochure (Web 1.0) to interaction (Web 2.0), to automated customization (Web 3.0). I love that companies like Sitebrand and Certona are paving the way.

    It appears that eCommerce seems to be the first killer ap, but has anyone seen Web 3.0 applied in other contexts.

  3. certona is nothing but crap, the recomendations are not at all relevant. It uses a big feed of sales and customer data to come with recomendations.
    It uses XSS cross side scripting to display results which is another security risk.

  4. Thanks for the comment, AJ. I am not familiar with the technology behind Certona, but the idea is in the right direction. Love to hear some other examples of good Web 3.0 companies from you.

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